Top 5 Las Vegas Attractions For Your Las Vegas Vacation

Planning a Las Vegas vacation can be a bit daunting because there are so many things to do and so many attractions to visit. Luckily, everything worth seeing and doing in the city can be found in the center of the Strip.

The first thing to do when visiting is to simply walk down the strip. It may take a few hours to soak up all the sights and sights, but it’s worth the trip. A guided tour will introduce you to all the distinguishing features and give you a better idea of what you would like to delve into. The whole Strip (officially known as The Boulevard) takes around three hours to walk through, but what an adventure on foot, so pack good walking shoes and prepare to be amazed.

The Bellagio fountains are a sight to behold. The fountains dance to the rhythm of all kinds of music and it’s really cool. The fountains are huge and project water over a hundred meters high. These fountains are a must see when you are in Vegas.

The enclosure rises on three levels and the lions roam freely. They are comfortable in their own homes and don’t seem to care about visitors. The lions are well fed and well cared for, and the keepers can be seen in the habitat feeding and playing with them. They are among the fiercest and most dangerous carnivores on the planet, and yet they seem to be at home amidst the merriment.

There are not only dolphins, but also white tigers, white lions, leopards and leopards, all in an amazing natural habitat. The family of glass-nosed dolphins put on a show several times a day that rivaled any other experience in the marine world. There is also an aquarium located in the Mirage and an erupting volcano in the foreground. It’s something you should find appealing. The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is considered by locals to be the local zoo.

The stratosphere is a study in modern geometry. The tower dominates the city and offers thrill rides at the top of the tower. There’s a roller coaster, a reverse bungee, and an arm that swings sideways away from the tower and spins with such force that it can knock a few teeth out. The Stratospheric Tower is the ultimate thrilling adventure. There is a bar and restaurant for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground. There are panoramic views over the city and beyond to the snow capped mountains in the distance.

Las Vegas vacations have something for everyone in the family, and the Las Vegas Tourism Commission has worked to ensure that people of all ages want to come to Las Vegas and return many times over.

Las Vegas vacation are not one of the most popular is an the destinations in of the world. When considering Las Vegas vacation packages and packages, save your packages for the best deals on your vacation. Are you looking for another destination? Check out the Los Angeles vacation for some time on the coast.

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