Delayed Flight – Only Insurance Can Cover You !

If you are traveling by plane, you may have experienced a delay.

Of course, jet lag can mean different things to different people. For some, this is an annoying inconvenience. Still others tolerate more than that. Contractors may lose contracts and related funds; Vacationers can miss days of their adventure, students, missed classes, and the list of individual damages grows depending on the person.

If you think you have an iota of luck to sue, think again.

Airlines do not legally owe you a single penny in compensation for any suffering or loss if your scheduled flight is delayed. Indeed, airlines do not guarantee flight hours. Of course, that could get them in big trouble because, like all of us, we can’t change wind or hail patterns or prevent snowstorms, hurricanes, or any form of bad weather that can hamper air travel. and departure times. as the arrival time. In addition, mechanical problems can appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

Liability for the above events is out of the question when it comes to scheduled flights.

“It’s just out of our control,” says everyone in the airline industry, from executives to pilots and flight attendants, to maintenance personnel and reservation agents.

While an airline may go out of its way to offer food and drink during a flight delay, or even coupons for a discount at a local hotel or hotel, it is rare to see them reimburse a passenger for a delayed flight, regardless of a major problem. . passenger meeting or missed vacation.

So how does a traveler protect themselves from losses incurred due to flight delays?

The answer, Air Travel Companion, is travel insurance that includes travel delay coverage.

Intended to reimburse the delayed air passenger for catering and accommodation costs during a guaranteed stopover, this type of insurance protects when the delay is due to:

• Bad weather preventing precise departures and arrivals
• Absence of important documents for a passenger, such as a passport visa
• A sick passenger must be quarantined
• Kidnapping, forcible confinement or terrorism
• Sudden strikes by airline employees
• Natural disasters or disasters
• civil disorder
• Travel cuts imposed by government officials as a result of an emergency or weather conditions.

Travel time is never a guaranteed guarantee. However, getting the right type of insurance coverage can protect you against related losses.

Speak to an experienced independent agency about travel insurance that includes coverage for flight delays.
Most of the warranty claims that have come to us have been denied due to severe contamination i.e. air compressor oil deposits which is the primary reason for the failure of these units. In an effort to combat this problem, the automaker recommended moving the air dryer unit along with other modifications, depending on the car model, to accommodate a larger air dryer filter. The old filter part number is 1391510 and will be replaced by 1681575. This filter not only reduces moisture entering the air system, but also filters out any oil vapor, reducing contamination. In my opinion, this is inconvenient and expensive for the car owner and does not solve the real problem which ultimately lies with the air compressor.

There will still be some oil vapor, but the excess oil will still pass through, especially when operators don’t change filters regularly enough. When a DAF truck requires a replacement air handling unit, the main dealer or parts supplier should request that the old unit be returned and checked for excessive contamination; however, this may be considered acceptable if the unit has been in service for a number of years and any carbon buildup has been slowly phased in. An air dryer muffler is usually a good indicator of excessive oil passing through the air system, light dull dust is considered normal, thick shiny sludge is considered abnormal . It’s also worth noting that every time we power the air dryer and air compressor together, we’ve had no problems afterwards. Other operators have agreed that their DAF units have quirks, this one, and that if the air dryer filters are changed regularly, problems rarely occur.

All parts suppliers are required to notify customers of potential problems to ensure that the air compressor is in satisfactory condition and that all air dryer connection tubes are clean and unobstructed. This also covers the supplier if a warranty claim is made in the future. Desafortunadamente, el costo de reemplazar el compresor de aire y el secador de aire because many operators opt to ignore the cause (compressor de aire) y replace el problema (secador de aire), y aunque se logra una solución temporal, es solo cuestión time. before

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