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Since its establishment, America has always been seen as a country full of new possibilities and opportunities for people. It is the second most visited country by tourists after France and the first country in the world that receives the most immigration, with its geographical structure consisting of wide lands and the provinces where 4 seasons are experienced differently.

Nobel prizes he received in the field of science and literature, especially for being a world leader in the sports and film industry; It has achieved many successes with universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, where the high-quality education system has been adopted, from world-leading companies such as Walmart, Apple, IBM, Ford, UnitedHealth Group in industry, commerce and technology. The idea of ​​studying in America has always been the first option for international students, and they started their research from this country first.

Who is the Department of Medicine for?
Universities that provide medical education in America are divided into two-state and private and are controlled by the government to increase the international awareness of high-quality education and universities. The education system not only helps you improve your skills such as research, self-development, and following innovations but also supports its students with internships, scholarships, and job opportunities during your education.

Students who choose universities in America for medical education have the opportunity to participate in seminars, symposiums, and conferences in many countries of the world, as well as scientific research. Medical students who want to continue their careers as doctors, scientists, or academics must have a strong memory and attention, hand and finger skills, instant problem solving and foresight, patient, practical, and communication skills. If you think you have these features, we can say that this section is for you!

Chapter Contents
While the United States ranks first with Harvard in the QS ranking of the 10 best medical education universities globally, it adopts a researcher and modern education system for international students who want to study in this field, especially in undergraduate and specialty programs.

Although medical education in America generally takes 4 years, it varies between 3-7 years according to some specialties.

Although the academic calendar varies according to the university you are applying to, it starts in September and ends in June. It is beneficial for students to follow these dates and prepare for their applications one year in advance, taking into account the exams they will take for medical education.

Although the academic year is divided into two semesters covering January and summer break, it is seen that it extends to 3 or 4 in some universities. Students who continue their education during the summer break can complete their 4-year education process in 3 or 3.5 years.
Although exams are generally held at the end of the year, depending on the sub-departments and branches you will study, sometimes they are only research-based assignments.

As in most countries and universities of the world, medical education is taught in a system where theoretical education is predominant in the first and second years. The third and fourth years are concentrated on internships, laboratory studies, and polyclinic practices.
Medical education, which generally covers basic, internal, and surgical departments, is subdivided into physiology, biochemistry, neurology, nuclear medicine, thoracic surgery, and radiology.

Your Skills and Experiences
Universities that provide medical education in the United States attract attention with challenging conditions and application stages for international students. Because the applications of students who are primarily American citizens in the country are accepted, and the quota is 2 times more than international students. Most public universities are required by law to admit students from that state to medical schools only.

Although you have a higher chance of entering private universities, the most important thing to remember is that you must have a high level of knowledge, foresight for scientific research, and superior abilities to study medicine in America because universities are also selective about the funds and scholarships provided to students.

Students who receive medical education, on the one hand, have characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. On the other hand, they discover their abilities, tendency to research, and patience. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet international students like you in the best and prestigious universities in the world, improve your English, and witness conferences and inventions in the field of science because universities are full of leading scientists and academicians in their field.

At the same time, medical schools in America are full of versatile activities. From voluntarily helping patient care in hospitals to supervising doctors in clinics, such as working in emergency rooms as an emergency medical technician, to participating in setting up clinics and laboratory research in developing countries.

Entry Requirements
Although the entry requirements for universities that provide medical education in the United States vary according to the institutions where students intend to study, they are generally the same. The most important point you should pay attention to is to make your applications before a year and contact the institution where you will be studying the required documents and dates for application.

Students who will apply to universities that provide medical education in the United States must first complete a 4-year undergraduate education on any subject. It is necessary to take the compulsory courses that are determined for admission to medical faculties, which are called pre-medical education and include scientific courses such as chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, philosophy, and sociology. Some schools may require courses such as mathematics, science, and English, so it is useful to carefully review which courses are required by the universities you have chosen during your 4-year education.

Students who want to study medicine in the USA must document the MCAT ( Medical College Admission Test ) exam score. The exam, which is held twice a year, takes about 6 hours, consists of 4 parts, and requires a good English level. The exam tests the knowledge of the student who wants to study medicine and analytical thinking, essay writing, and problem-solving skills. The minimum exam score accepted by universities should be 30-31 on average.

For more detailed information, check out our general information article on MCAT exams.
The first step of the application process, which takes about a year, is to fill out the general application form published through the AAMC ( American Association of Medical Colleges ) in June. Then the students are asked to choose the universities they want to study.

The application fee determined by the universities is paid for each school applied.
In July and August, the admissions committees of the faculties evaluate the application forms and ask them to fill in the form again and complete their documents as they like it.
One of the most important parts that students who apply for medical education should pay attention to is their grade point averages. Especially in recent years, the increase in GPA makes it difficult for you to find a place in the already limited quotas.

Universities that teach in medicine in the USA require 3 reference letters from international students from a science professor, a professor of a non-science course, and a doctor.
Students who complete the application procedures and pass successfully are invited for interviews between September and March, and those who are accepted start their medical education in September.

They must get enough points from the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination ) test for specialization in the United States. While the education lasts for 3-6 years, the courses are conducted by academicians and experts in their fields, both theoretical and practical.
Minor education starts after specialization and lasts for an average of 1-3 years. All activities and training stages are under the supervision of experts.

In the United States, titles are not taken by any examination. They are determined according to the content of original articles, patents, inventions, awards, administrative and professional associations, and academic files containing journal activities.

Career Options
America appears to be a country full of career opportunities and dreams for students from many countries worldwide, both academically and in business terms. In recent years, especially in the increasing population and career race, the number of students graduating from universities is gradually increasing, so finding a job is decreasing at the same rate. For this reason, students who receive medical education in the USA can increase their chances of finding a job after completing their education by improving themselves, especially in the internship, research, application, and English grammar parts during their studies.

Universities that provide medical education in the USA offer many opportunities to their students in terms of career, especially after completing their education. Because the country is full of Nobel laureate physicists, chemists, biologists, medical academics who are experts in their fields and departments, it offers numerous opportunities to students who want to pursue a career in this field both academically and in business.

The important thing is to find the opportunity to show yourself during your education to attract the institution you are studying about the research, innovations, or inventions you will do and keep your grade point average as high as possible.

Most universities in America are in contact with the world’s leading companies, whether in healthcare or any other industry, and they offer you unexpected career opportunities. Although the country has the best universities globally, such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, they open their doors to their students with their internationally recognized diplomas.

After graduating from your school in the USA, the government grants you a work permit for up to 12 months called Optional Practical Training (OPT). It is a great opportunity to show themselves to those who want to continue their career goals and live in America. At the same time, an H-1B visa is given to new graduates who graduate from a university in any country in the world and prefer America to work. Applications made once a year are accepted in April.

For more detailed information about visas and employment opportunities, you can review our article.

Master’s Education
Being one of the first countries to come to mind when it comes to master education abroad, America provides education to more than 600.000 international students from different countries globally with more than 1000 institutions with its high-quality education system. After deciding to do your graduate education in a university in the USA, we can say that a challenging process that requires research and planning awaits you. Because in the USA, getting a master’s degree in medicine, especially in the field of medicine, covers many subjects from your budget to your English proficiency, from your academic grade point average to the exams you need to take.

Although the graduate programs in medical education in the USA are 1 or 2 years, those who want to finish their education and continue their career are given the right to work for up to 2 years. It is useful to start your applications for master’s programs for medicine one year in advance and learn about the registration conditions and required documents online from the websites of the universities you have chosen. Although the beginning of the academic calendar varies according to the institutions you will study, it consists of 2 semesters, in September and January.

It should be noted that while you are expected to get a minimum of 500 points from the TOEFL exam for graduate education, it varies according to the university you will study. Another type of document is the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) exam score, in which especially medical students show their proficiency in their field. At the same time, documents such as a letter of intent, English transcript, your undergraduate diploma, essays about the subjects stated in the application forms of the schools, 3 reference letters are required during the applications.

You can reach the universities with master’s programs for medical education in America here.

University Options
Universities and programs that provide medical education in the United States are available in almost every university across the country, but there are also undergraduate and graduate options for students.

In addition to being the best medical university in the world, Harvard University offers students different educational experiences with its deep-rooted history, campuses, art museums, and libraries since 1636. The institution, which hosts international students from more than 140 countries each year, is specifically aimed at excellence in learning and research and to develop global leaders that make a difference. Not avoiding financial support and rewarding students who conduct research that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, the institution spends up to $ 150 million each year.

Michigan State University; With its 150-year history and experienced teaching staff, it provides high-quality education to its students from more than 125 foreign countries of the world. From students dedicated to education, athletes, artists, scientists, and leading names in their fields, the institution is home to those who want to receive education with its rich cultural diversity.

Yale University; In addition to being one of the oldest and most famous foundation universities in America founded in the 1700s, is among the top 10 universities in the world in medicine. It has hosted famous names such as Meryl Streep, Edward Norton, Jodie Foster, and its Nobel laureates, especially in physics and economics.

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