5 Realistic Real Estate Considerations!

After more than 15 years as a licensed real estate salesperson in New York State, I firmly believe that to maximize one’s potential for success, income, and happiness, with any purchase, decision, etc., it is important that we Let’s proceed wisely, carefully and thoughtfully! I call this, too often, as truisms, any participation, actively, associated with this industry! Since, for most people, the financial value of their home represents their greatest individual asset, does it make sense to proceed as smartly and as wisely as possible? With this in mind, this article will briefly attempt to review, review, revise, and discuss 5 fundamental and factual considerations.

1. Don’t try to trade time Very few time capable and lucky enough to trade time when it comes to a particular industry and component of our economy! Instead, several other factors should be considered, including: affordability; ability to meet current and future needs; admiration for a particular field; financial/economic issues; etc.

2. Will it be a startup, home or long-term residence? : Right off the bat, ask yourself if your ultimate home will be a startup, a home, or a long-term residence. -done! This process makes it easy to make the best decisions, in terms of home details such as size, rooms, features, and needs/priorities! Obviously one cannot accurately predict/read the future, but if the goal is longer term, it means planning for a family, quality schools, other amenities, needs, priorities, etc. .

3. Differentiation between the wish list and the real needs: the wise house – the buyer, enters the process with two lists: the first, which is the wish list; The other is the real needs and priorities! This means realistically assessing your personal situation as well as your finances and comfort zone! A wish list should help you make choices when real needs direct you to certain options and they respect your budget, priorities, needs, and other perceptions.

4. Why do you want to live in this area: what does a particular area have to offer that makes it attractive to you? Consider factors such as: security/criminality; schools; convenience in shopping, transportation, places of worship, etc. ; And other personal priorities, etc.!

5. Why any, house/particular house: what makes a particular house an attraction for you? Be careful, get yourself checked by a professional building inspector/engineer, so there are far fewer unpleasant surprises! Consider what your top priority for your home is and why. Also identify how possessions can make or break your personal happiness and well-being! Of course, make sure you don’t get rich, House, but financially poor!

By continuing to pay attention to these and other considerations, you will improve your ability to make the wisest personal choice! Will you be your best friend?.

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