WhatsApp is undergoing a redesign for its Mac version to enhance the user experience on big screens. The company is also introducing the capability to initiate group video calls directly from your Mac, a feature previously unavailable. (WhatsApp gets new features and design)

This new video call feature will be welcomed in WhatsApp-centric regions like India, where the messaging app plays a central role in connecting with family and friends, even iPhone users frequently rely on the app for communication.

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The updated WhatsApp app for Mac now includes support for group calls, enabling video calls with up to eight participants and audio calls with as many as 32 people.

Meta also allows you to join ongoing group calls on your Mac, just as you can on the phone app. One previous limitation of the Mac app was the absence of chat history for older conversations, but this has been addressed with an increase in chat history storage.

The new version also enables you to view your call history and receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed on your Mac.

WhatsApp has redesigned its Mac app to enhance productivity on larger screens, making it easier to share files by simply dragging and dropping them into a chat.

Just like on your mobile device, the app ensures the privacy of your personal messages and calls through end-to-end encryption.

The users can download the latest version of WhatsApp for Mac from WhatsApp.com, and it will soon be available on the App Store.

(WhatsApp gets new features and design)

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