The statement you provided reports on various initiatives and plans by the Pakistani federal government, specifically related to the Information Technology (IT) and technology sector. (PayPal Stripe’s Arrival)

PayPal and Stripe in Pakistan: The government is planning to bring PayPal and Stripe, two major online payment platforms, to Pakistan. This move would likely facilitate international transactions and make it easier for freelancers and businesses in Pakistan to engage in global e-commerce.

Co-Working Spaces for Freelancers: The government intends to establish co-working spaces for freelancers. Co-working spaces provide shared working environments for independent professionals and entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and productivity.

Promotion of IT Industry: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar approved a comprehensive project to promote the IT industry in Pakistan. This project is expected to address hurdles in the sector and potentially boost IT exports.

Training for IT Professionals: Plans are underway to train 200,000 IT professionals in collaboration with the industry and academia. These trained professionals are expected to contribute to a significant increase in IT exports, potentially by $5 billion.

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Pakistan Venture Capital Fund: A government-backed Pakistan Venture Capital Fund is being launched to attract top-tier international venture capitalists (VCs) to invest in Pakistani startups. This initiative aims to enable $1 billion in VC investments.

Starlink in Pakistan: The government is planning to launch Starlink, a satellite-based internet connectivity service, in Pakistan. This move is intended to improve internet connectivity throughout the country.

5G Auction: Plans include preparing for an upcoming 5G spectrum auction within 10 months. This involves implementing forward-looking taxation policies, regulations, and incentives for the telecom industry.

Local Smartphone Manufacturing and Financing: Incentives for local manufacturing and export of smartphones in Pakistan are part of the plan. Additionally, a smartphone financing platform is being considered to make it easier for people to purchase phones through monthly installments, thereby boosting local demand.

These initiatives reflect the government’s efforts to promote the IT sector, improve technology infrastructure, and stimulate economic growth through technology-related ventures in Pakistan. It is important to note that this information is based on a news report, and the actual implementation and outcomes of these plans may vary over time. (PayPal Stripe’s Arrival)

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