Thank you for sharing the latest information about the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). (Stock Exchange loses 192 points)

The PSX 100 index dropped 192.61 points, resulting in a negative change of 0.40 percent. It closed at 47,478.61 points compared to the previous day’s closing of 47,671.22 points.

The total number of shares traded during the day was 184,138,134 shares, which was lower than the previous day’s volume of 192,036,691 shares.

Trading value:

The trading value of shares on this day amounted to Rs 6.465 billion, a decrease from Rs 6.528 billion on the previous trading day.

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A total of 313 companies participated in trading, with 90 of them experiencing gains, 202 incurring losses, and 21 companies’ share prices remaining unchanged.

The top three companies in terms of trading volume were K-Electric Ltd., Bankislami Pak., and Kohinoor Textile.

Stock Exchange loses

Among the notable price changes, Pak Tobacco saw the highest increase in its share price, rising by Rs 24.75 to close at Rs 718.00. Al-Abbas Sugar had the second-highest increase, with its share price rising by Rs 18.50 to reach Rs 500.00.

On the downside, Rafhan Maize XD experienced the most significant decrease, with its share price falling by Rs 75.00 and closing at Rs 8300.00. Sanofi-Aventis had the second-highest decline, with its share price dropping by Rs 56.69 to close at Rs 711.00.

Please note that stock market data can change rapidly, so it’s essential to verify the latest information if you are considering investment decisions or tracking the market closely. (Stock Exchange loses 192 points)

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