It’s interesting to hear that Microsoft has decided to discontinue WordPad, which has been a part of the Windows operating system since Windows 95. While the specific reasons for this decision haven’t been provided in the support note you mentioned, there could be several factors contributing to it:

Shift to Modern Alternatives: Over the years, Microsoft has been encouraging users to use modern Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, which offer more advanced features and compatibility with various document formats. WordPad may no longer fit into Microsoft’s vision for modern document editing.

Maintenance Costs: Maintaining and updating older software can be costly. Microsoft may have decided to allocate its resources to more critical software development efforts or to improve other built-in applications like Notepad.

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Evolution of Notepad: As mentioned, Microsoft has recently updated Notepad with new features like autosave and tab restoration, making it a more capable text editor. This could be part of a broader effort to improve the default text editing experience on Windows.

Declining Use: WordPad may not be widely used compared to other text editors or word processors. If its usage statistics have been on the decline, Microsoft may have decided to retire it.

Compatibility and Legacy Concerns: WordPad’s format support and capabilities might not be aligned with current document standards and requirements. Removing it could help streamline Windows and reduce compatibility concerns.

discontinue WordPad

While WordPad’s removal might affect users who rely on it for basic text editing tasks, Microsoft’s recommendation to use Microsoft Word for rich text documents and Windows Notepad for plain text documents makes sense. Users who require more advanced word processing features will likely continue to use Microsoft Word or other third-party alternatives. (discontinue WordPad)

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