It’s always sad to hear about the end of a celebrity couple’s marriage. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s breakup after four years of marriage did come as a surprise to their fans, but it appears that their close friends and family were aware of the situation, as they had been spending the entire summer apart.

While Joe had filed for separation despite still wearing his wedding ring, it’s clear that they had been living separate lives for several months prior to the official announcement.

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The insider mentioned that they are currently working on the custody arrangements for their children, and they did have a prenuptial agreement in place. Joe Jonas had been on tour, and it seems their children had been traveling with him during that time, while Sophie Turner had been working in the UK.

It’s always difficult to speculate on the details of a celebrity breakup, as there can be many factors involved. It’s important to respect their privacy during this challenging time, and hopefully, both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner can find a way to move forward amicably for the sake of their family.

Joe Jonas and Sophie

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