Get a Decision Entitling you to Free Healthcare Benefits

Do you need free health care and you are not insured? If you have a low income, you can access free health care.  For this purpose, you can apply for a decision that confirms your right to benefits.

How to Get Things Done

You can deal with the matter only in the Office – details can be found in the Section on what to do. In an emergency, a decision is made by the provider who provided you with healthcare.

Who Can Use the Service?

Anyone who Meets the Following Conditions:

  • Lives in Poland,
  • Has no insurance (is not subject to health insurance obligations), is not a member of the insured person’s family, and has not entered into a voluntary health insurance contract,
  • Meets the income criterion,
  • There is no difference between the documented level of income and the financial situation of a person or family.

In the Case of a Foreigner, It is Necessary:

  • Refugee status or
  • Supplementary protection, or
  • A temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification granted in connection with the granting of refugee status or subsidiary protection.

Before you Make a Decision, A Social Worker:

  • Conduct a family Environmental interview with you, or
  • In the absence of such a possibility – will conduct an investigation to determine whether you are entitled to health care benefits.

When to Apply?

As soon as possible if you need access to free health care services. You will be entitled to benefits from the date of your application.

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Look Out!

  • In an emergency, you can receive a benefit, despite the absence of a decision confirming the right to benefits. In such a situation, immediately after the provision of the benefit, the provider should submit such a request.
  • The mayor (Mayor, President) of the municipality in which you live may initiate proceedings for a decision also from the office or at the request of a branch of the provincial National Health Fund.

Where to Apply?

In the Social Assistance Center or in The City or Municipality Office:

  • Where you live,
  • Where you live – if you are homeless.

What to Do?

  1. Collect all the necessary documents. For details, see what to prepare.
  2. Submit them to the municipal office or social assistance center. Details can be found in the section where to apply.
  3. Wait for a family Environmental interview by a social worker.
  4. Wait for the decision – details can be found in the Section on how long you will wait.

How Much Will You Pay?

The service is free of charge.

What to Prepare?

You can submit a request for a decision in writing or orally – for the record. There is no single template for the application for a decision in force. Some municipalities provide a template for the application in their Public Information Bulletin.


  1. Documents confirming that you live in Poland,
  2. Documents confirming your Polish citizenship. This can be a valid passport or ID,

If you are a Documents that Confirm That:

  • You have a temporary residence permit to reunite with your family, in connection with the granting of refugee status or subsidiary protection (decision of the Voivode), or
  • You are covered by subsidiary protection (decision of the head of the Office for foreigners on granting subsidiary protection) or
  • You have refugee status (the decision of the head of the Office for Foreigners to grant refugee status).
  1. PESEL number,
  2. Documents that confirm the financial situation of you or your family, required by the institution to which you apply. Find out what documents you need to provide.

How Long Will You Wait?

You should get a Decision:

  • Not later than one month after the application,
  • No later than 2 months from the date of application, if your case is particularly complicated.

A Social Worker will Conduct a Family Environmental Interview with You:

  • No later than 14 working days after the request,
  • Up to 2 working days after submitting your application if your situation is urgent.

You will receive a decision confirming your right to health care benefits or a decision to refuse in writing.

How Can you Appeal?

If you receive a negative (negative) decision, you can appeal within 14 days from the date of receipt.

Write an appeal and address it to the Local Board of Appeal, but file with the municipal office or social assistance center (depending on which institution issued the decision).

Worth Knowing

You are entitled to free healthcare for 90 days from the date of your application. If necessary, you will receive further decisions.

Look out! If the decision was made at the request of the provider in connection with the provision of an emergency benefit, you are entitled to benefits for 90 days from the date of granting the benefit.

You Must Immediately Inform the Authority that Made the Decision:

  • Any change in your financial or financial situation,
  • Covered by Health Insurance.

Check Who has Family Member Status

Family Members may be the Following:

  1. Own child, child of a spouse, adopted child, grandchild, or foreign child for whom custody has been established, or a foreign child in a foster family or family home until they are 18 years old, and if they continue to study at a school, teacher training institution, university or scientific unit conducting doctoral studies – until they are 26 years old, and if they have a.
  2. Spouse
  3. Primary remaining with the insured in a common household (parents, grandparents).

Income Criteria

Check what income you cannot exceed in order to meet the income criterion for obtaining a decision.

Income Criteria:

  • For a single person in the amount of PLN 701,
  • For a person in the family the amount is 528 PLN.

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