About us

We are one of the main references for online auctions for over 15 years.

Our mission is to provide you with an online environment that your customers will be happy to use for an entertainment e-shopping, leveraging our experience in the auction business.

Our story starts in 1997, when enuuk the fisrt auction software, testing the newborn PHP language and miniSQL as database. New features were added to upgrade this software along the years, continuosly adapted to new technologies. In November 2000 a basic package available under GPL were released.

In November 2008, we noticed our products' technology was getting old, so we decided to rewrite our product from scratch. Using new technologies, like OOP with PHP5, we assure future-ready websites. In July 2009 we launched enuuk auction platform, where our long harvested know-how about auctions meets modern web technologies. Since then we have been releasing new versions (tipically every 2~3 months) with bugfixes and new features that leverage the new trends in the industry, like HTML5 and CSS3.

Today, enuuk is the leading auction package for small/medium auction websites. New value-added services had been added to enuuk in order to customize and adapt the software to our client's emarket needs, providing an excellent service and turnkey solutions on demand.